Hot Work Policies Procedures and Permits


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Workplace Hot Work Book

We Can Help Comply at minimum cost.

Designed to assist businesses in meeting The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, effective 1st October 06 at minimum cost.

In the event of a fire you may well have to be able to prove and demonstrate to the Fire Brigade, your insurance company and where required a Court of Law that you have diligently managed your workplace fire safety management responsibilities within your premises.
Our Hot Works Book will assist you:

  • Hot Work Fire Safety Policy
  • Company Administration Procedure Stages 1 – 4
  • Precautions – Gas Welding and Cutting Apparatus
  • Precautions – Electric Welding and Cutting Apparatus
  • Precautions – Blow Lamps and Blow Torches
  • Precautions – Bitumen/Tar Boilers
  • Precautions – Grinding Wheels and Cutting Discs
  • Hot work permits

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