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Escape route signs.

Escape route signs (Exit And Fire exit) For a means of escape to be effective it is important that from any place within the building occupants have site of a sign, or a serious of signs, which leads them to a place of safety.

The escape route identified by the sign should be the shortest travel distance/

Mandatory Instruction Signs (fire action)

It is important all occupants know what to do in the event of a fire. Fire action notices suitable positioned at fire alarm call points will provide occupants with a constant reminder of the procedures to follow.

Mandatory Notices (Fire Safety Management )

Good fire safety management requires all escape routes are kept unobstructed and are accessible at all times. Fire instruction signs can support the training and instruction of employees by reinforcing the fire safety message.

Prohibition signs ( Fire Prevention)

Health and safety prohibition signs identify specific behaviour that is forbidden assisting managers. owners and staff in the training of risk assessments and safe working practices.

Fire Fighting Equipment Location Signs

Occupants should always be aware of the location of fire equipment and alarm points. A suitably positioned sign will provide a constant reminder of these locations. these signs also identify the extinguisher type and classes of fire it can be safely used on.

Our range of fire safety signs includes signs and symbols for, fire extinguisher identification, fire action, fire equipment, mandatory instruction such as fire door keep shut and means of escape such as fire exit signs. Our wide range of fire safety signs are available in a variety of sizes and materials to suit the intended environment.

The use of signs BS5499 is considered essential to achieve this objective.

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