PSC Fire Safety Ltd offers a complete solution to fire safety. With one company looking after all of your fire needs, we can work with you to ensure a risk assessment led process to provide you with optimum fire safety, with no gaps, or overlaps. When considering your fire safety strategy, you should aim to prevent fire, detect fire, contain fire and have plans to escape fire.

Since the introduction of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, the UK has seen many organisations struggle to comprehend their duties and responsibilities under the order.

We are now focused on a risk based approach with a great emphasis on fire risk assessment. Even though the Department for Communities and Local Government have created a set of guides, companies are still struggling to complete a “suitable and sufficient” fire risk assessment of their workplace.

The Responsible Person is the sole manager of fire safety in the workplace and is answerable to all issues that arise within the building. It is their responsibility to ensure a fire risk assessment is carried out among many duties that fall under their duties.

PSC Fire Safety Ltd are here to help guide you in the right direction; to give advice and assistance regarding your organisations responsibility under the RRO.

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PSC Fire Safety Ltd.  Undertake extensive fire risk assessments to ensure your organisation is compliant with current fire safety legislation. Our large database of clients ranges from local and central government buildings to construction sites and small local organisations which gives us the opportunity to customise our price plan to suit the type of building that you have.

The fire risk assessment process as outlined within the Communities and Local Government guidelines form the basis of our Fire Risk Assessment. The report and audit is carried out by a competent risk assessor that has experience of your particular group, building & occupancy profile. Our Fire Risk Assessment is designed to fully comply with all existing legislation.

It’s easy to make sure you and your company comply with the latest regulations and don’t fall foul of the danger of being closed down or worse because your didn’t have the correct information in place. Phone 01455 557877 today! We will arrange a convenient time and date to complete a Fire Risk Assessment on your business.

P.S. Don’t worry you can have a Fire Risk Assessment in place soon after contacting us. Failure to comply will cost you money time and you may every be fined and liable to a prison sentence.