Wireless alarm systems for building projects

The Evacuator Synergy-RF call point site alarm is designed for use as part of an addressable alarm system containing other Synergy RF devices. The sounder/strobe unit has built-in radio frequency technology, allowing up to 40 site alarms to be wirelessly interlinked. Upon system activation, the sounder/strobe emits a 110dB alarm and provides visual warning from its Bright LED strobe. When interlinked, the Synergy RF base station or call point (both sold separately) can be used to test or reset the wireless system from a single location.

Category one radio module

Independently tested to ESTI-300-220-1

CE RoHs and EMC Compliant

IP Rating – IP55

40 Addressable Devices

Automatic battery low indication

Completely wireless operation (No mains required)

“Plug & Play” Simple self installation

Low maintenance costs

Silent range test facility

Secure “Swipe key fob” provides test and reset control

Combined strobe and 110dB sounder

Bright tri-colour status LED

Upgradeable Battery Pack

Manufactured in the UK

Please use Evacuator Approved Battery Pack only, failure to do so may result in malfunction