How We Work

It’s easy to make sure you and your company comply with the latest regulations and don’t fall foul of the danger of being closed down or worse because your didn’t have the correct information in place.

We work with our customers along the following lines:-

  • Meet to discuss the scope of their fire risk liabilities
  • Quote for carrying out Fire Risk Assessment on their buildings
  • Arrange a time when we can visit. This can be unsupervised if appropriate, saving your time.
    • Attend site
    • Check fire policies currently in place
    • Check maintenance records
    • Check staff training records
    • Check building plans (or create them if missing)
    • Walk through assessment of building
    • Photograph evidence of non compliance
    • Create Fire Risk Assessment Report report with recommendations
    • Present report
  • Follow up recommendations with the supply of any essential Fire Safety products required for compliance
  • We do a 6 monthly compliance check (To make sure the recommendations have been implements to make you fully compliant)

This process will help you as an employer to understand your responsibilities for fire safety and put in place measures to control the risk of fire.

This will mean:-

  • Identifying the fire hazards
  • Evaluating the fire risk
  • Principles of fire safety
  • What fire is and how it spreads
  • Prevent fires occurring
  • Control the effects if they start
  • Means of raising the alarm
  • Means of extinguishing fires
  • Emergency procedures and means of escape
  • Evacuation of people with disabilities