Now Logit .com

Fire Safety Log book is a Virtual Logbook and Site Information backup system that allows the account holder and any authorised users of the account, to access and record entries on a Site’s Virtual Logbook.

Important site information such as: system configurations, device text, job sheets, service reminders, site certificates, action plans, part numbers or zone charts can all be added to the Logbook at the click of a button.

NowLogit is an effective way to manage and maintain site information in the event of lost or damaged paper versions.

All entries to the Logbook can be accessed 24 hours a day, either by App or desktop for viewing or downloading into PDF version for printing or emailing and can even include your Company’s Logo on your certificates.

Your customers can also manage their weekly tests using the NowLogit system (once authorised by you, the account holder).

Designed and created by an experienced engineer with over 18 years in the Fire and Security industry, NowLogit can also be used by multiple industries, companies and organisations.

Contact PSC Fire Safety Ltd 01455 557877 or email [email protected]