Child proof matchbox


Matchguard is the only product which aims to prevent accidental misuse of matches by children. It is available for the large Cooks matchbox.

The Department of Trade and Industry said about our product. “It is a well made and robust holder which has many good features such as

When the matchbox is inserted in the holder both striking surfaces of the matchbox can still be used and a free run arrangement at each end of the striking surfaces prevents the match from coming up against a sudden stop and breaking off when struck.

The holder is made from plastic and has a number of warning messages in red.

In ad-hoc tests the holder was found to be easy for adults to open and the risk of opening it upside down are minimal, once the matchbox is inserted correctly as advised on the packaging.”

Key Benefits

Flame retardant container for extra safety.

Child resistant catch.

Once in use, becomes integral to the matchbox effectively creating a child resistant matchbox. No need to take the matches out when using, simply open the child resistant catch use box as normal and close again, striking on the open side panels.

Wipe clean.

Protects matchbox from damage.

Ideal for camping and caravanning.