Dry Riser Install

Dry riser regulations

The building regulations surrounding the installation of a dry riser is the are pretty simple and they follow guidelines set by the British standard code of practice.

Firstly dry riser regulations state that they should be installed in buildings where the floor is 18 metres above ground level to 60 metres above ground level.

The consideration for the design of the dry riser mains should be that all of the fittings and pipe work should be made out of galvanised wrought steel.

Before installation building regulations must be adhered to and if needed planning permission sought.

The fire service should be consulted and their advice on a suitable position for the units to be installed taken. This is because they will be the ones doing all of the work and using the equipment therefore it needs to be to their standards.

The dry riser should be situated near a water supply so that adequate flow can be obtained for fire fighting purposes.

A dry riser will need to be checked and serviced twice a year under regulations that state a professional company must come in and conduct a full test annually whilst also going six monthly checkups.

We install in all types of buildings—from homes to high rises. Our clients include West London Property.

We also conduct ongoing maintenance for all types of systems.

A dry riser is a vertical pipe or a system of pipes and valves that extend to the upper storeys of a multi-storey building.

In case of fire, the Fire Brigade can connect their water supply directly to the riser, providing near-immediate access to water on all floors of the building. Dry risers are a highly effective way to deliver water quickly to a building’s higher storeys to control a fire.

In Britain, dry riser installation is controlled by the 2000 Building (Minimum Standards) Regulations, which state their installation is mandatory in most buildings with floors over eighteen meters above ground level.

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