Are you a HMO?


AM I A HMO? (House in Multiple Occupation)

If you have 3 and/or 4 people (that are NOT related to each other) and they share the same amenities (i.e. Kitchen) then you ARE A HMO.

So for example, if you own or a manage a normal terraced house let out to 3 or 4 unrelated students/professionals who share a kitchen it is a HMO, irrespective of the number of floors in the building and irrespective if they are on a single or joint tenancy agreement.


Under the Housing Act 2004, if you let a property which is one of the following types, it is a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO):

An entire house or flat which is let to 3 or more tenants who form 2 or more households and who share a kitchen, bathroom or toilet.


As a HMO of this type you must adhere to HMO safety standards and fire safety management requirements. Management standards for HMO’s include;

Adhere to the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulations 2006/2007. – Enforced by Local Council

Adhere to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – Enforced by your local Fire & Rescue Service. And your local Council now requires all licensable HMO’s in some areas to have a Fire Risk Assessment. This needs to be performed by a competent person, and “competency” may have to be proven to an Enforcement Officer, or in Court.

A Fire Risk Assessment is a legal document that may have to be presented to the Council, Enforcement Officer or to the courts.  They will be looking for proof of your ‘competency’ to carry out the Fire Risk Assessment, in the first place.  If you have downloaded something of the internet, and almost “self- certified” your own property, then you can be prosecuted.  If you cannot provide evidence that you have professional silks or qualifications necessary to carry out assessments that relate to endangering lives within your property this will mean, you will have no argument in court.

In terms of Law a competent person is to be regarded as someone with sufficient training, experience and knowledge of fire safety.  This is enforced by the Fire and Rescue Authority.

We specialise in Fire Risk Assessments for HMO’s.  Our team members have over 25 years of experience in Fire Risk Assessments.


With the current speed of regulation & new HMO legalisation, our professional team will provide you with clear guidance together with practical and economical solutions, for your HMO property so get in touch with us today for a FREE no obligation chat.

Call the office 01455 557877 or email [email protected]

We also supply equipment and service alarms etc so a one stop shop at competitive rates. 

There is a sign required in each property for regulation 14 we supply this sign.

Hope this is of use.

Chat soon 

Paul Coughlan Mifsm

PSC Fire Safety Ltd 

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